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Learning the Basic Facts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division at an early age increases one’s ability to solve advanced mathematics in elementary and high school.

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NEW! At the moment the program is closed. We hope we can re-open it again in future. Meanwhile you can find simular courses from different providers.

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NEW! Beginning in September of 2003, the individual 123math.ca programs of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division may be purchased by individuals, schools or organizations

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Sucess Stories

The 123math.ca program has helped many school aged children who were having difficulties in math to master the basic facts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Following are a few examples:

The father of a grade 4 student asked to have his son’s math abilities assessed as he was having great difficulties with the subject. He was tested on his multiplication, subtraction and addition facts, and showed he only knew his 2+ and 3+ addition facts.

His son wanted to learn his basic facts so that he could participate in his classroom.

He started at the beginning of the Basic Facts of Addition, and in 12 days mastered his addition facts. He then went on to learn his multiplication facts.

Six years later his father acknowledged that his son has had little trouble with math ever since mastering his Basic Facts.

His story is not unique.

A 15 year old boy who was having trouble with math mastered his multiplication facts in 2 months. He said that he was finally able to feel comfortable in his grade 10 classroom and began to see how easy his math really was.

A very active grade 1 class was taught 3 concepts in one hour:

  1. adding 0 to a number equals the same number
  2. adding 1 to a number equals the next number
  3. the understanding of the plus and the minus signs of addition and subtraction questions.

Teaching the concept of 0 and the concept of 1 can take a long time to learn but the children were able to solve questions with 0 and 1 during this lesson of one hour. They were also able to move either left or right on the number line if they saw a “+” or a “-” sign.

The principal thought that if a teacher could keep the attention of the children for 15 minutes he or she would be doing well. But for at least an hour, these children sang and played the games to see if they understood what they sang.

An 8 year old grade 3 student was assessed to be at grade 2 level math. She was enrolled in an after school program and her mother bought additional workbooks to help her with math. The student’s mother was almost convinced that her daughter was going to have problems with math throughout her schooling.

The mother decided to try 123math.ca to see if the program could help her daughter.

In 3 weeks her daughter mastered her addition facts, and in the next 4 weeks mastered her multiplication facts. In 4 more weeks she mastered her subtraction facts.

This comment is from a grade 5 student who mastered her multiplication facts:

“Your math has helped me lots. I did my test on decimals today. It was multiplying volume. I got 40 out of 45.”

At the beginning of the year this student was on the verge of failing math.

This comment is from a grade 3 student after mastering her multiplication facts.

“We did some multiplication questions and your math has helped me answer the questions without drawing diagrams. Today, the class was trying to multiply ‘4 x 3′ using rows, I just answered ’12’. It was easy.”

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